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Client Spotlight: Brand and Website Design for a Retail Store in Colorado

Branding, Portfolio, Websites
May 15, 2024

Today, I’m going to share a little bit about the brand and website design for a retail store (with no products sold online!). When the brains behind The Outdoor Project Daniel and Naomi set out to open their outdoor store in Cañon City, Colorado—a place I’m proud to call my hometown—they knew they were aiming for more than just another retail store in Colorado. Nope, they had bigger dreams in mind.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to get my design hands dirty and help them turn this unique retail store in Colorado into the powerhouse Daniel and Naomi envisioned it to be. They envisioned a brand that would resonate across a broad spectrum, no matter their age or activity level. Sure, they knew (and obviously hoped!) they’d attract the outdoor enthusiasts, but they also wanted to spark a fire in the wider community, inspiring folks to get out there and explore the stunning nature right here in our own backyard.

If you’re gearing up to revamp your brand or website this year, let’s chat about teaming up! As a passionate brand and website designer, I pour my heart into every project, ensuring it reflects your unique identity and goals. Find out more about how we can work together and bring your vision to life, right here. 


The Vision Behind The Outdoor Project

Let’s back up a second. In Cañon City, the pickings were slim for good outdoor stores. It was either the generic stuff at Big Five or a wander through the aisles of Walmart—not exactly ideal for hardcore adventurers. Daniel and Naomi saw the gap and thought, “Hey, why not do something about it?”

Their goal was to turn their love for the great outdoors into a retail store in Colorado that not only serves the local community of Cañon City but also the flood of tourists who come here FOR the great outdoors. And I think they are doing just that!

Creating a New Brand for a Retail Store

They had a clear vision of what they wanted the store to be, and that’s what they brought me on board. I instantly went headfirst into research mode, wondering how I could bring in the beauty of the outdoors in a simple yet unique way. I created a color palette that felt uniquely them, with a blend of slate, tree green, sage, beige, sky blue, and copper orange to not only capture the majestic scenery of Cañon City but also scream adventure and zen vibes.

Once the colors were decided, it was time to work on the logo! After a series of initial drafts and designs, we both fell in love with a final logo—a beautiful mashup of mountains, the sun, river, and trees, each element a nod to nature in the best way.

I’m so happy that Daniel and Naomi decided to team up with a pro designer (that’s me!) instead of DIY-ing it. Not only did it save them from potential logo do-overs down the road, but it also ensured their brand got the VIP treatment it deserved right from the start.

Website Design for a Retail Store That Did NOT Sell Product

For The Outdoor Project’s first dip into the online world, they deliberately skipped the whole e-commerce hassle. They figured, as a fresh business, dealing with shipping chaos would be too much too soon. With that said, they did still want something that looked professional and would draw in new customers. Once we chatted, I recommended starting with a simple one-page website that gets right to the good stuff and has everything they need. Their new site spells it out—what they’re all about, the awesome gear and brands they carry, and how they’re really passionate about being part of the community. I know their site makes me want to go visit! You too?

Grand Opening After the Website Design for a Retail Store

Ever since The Outdoor Project opened its doors in April, it’s been way more than just a spot to snag top-notch outdoor gear. I know it might sound a little cheesy but it really is like this lively hub where folks come together to geek out over nature and all its wonders (honestly, a dream come true for me). If you’re ever in Cañon City Colorado, stop by and you’ll see what I mean—whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting your feet wet in outdoor fun.

A Glowing Word From The Outdoor Project

Every time I read a client review, I really do feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it reminds me why I love what I do. It’s proof that when we really tune in to what our clients need and put our hearts into our work, magic truly happens.

Here is what Daniel and Naomi had to say once our work together was finished:

“Ellie does excellent work! Really listened to us and what we wanted, didn’t waste our time and delivered excellent choices for a logo and website in a timely manner for us to choose from. So relatable and easy to work with! Highly recommend!”

– The Outdoor Project Founders Daniel & Naomi

Brand and Website Design for a Retail Store

The transformation The Outdoor Project has gone through shows just how powerful it is to blend top-notch branding with a clear business vision. It really is not just about making things look good; it’s about capturing the heart of what the business is about and creating an experience that really hits home with customers. Daniel and Naomi were really collaborative with me and it paid off. The Branding for The Outdoor Project is going to really help them not only stand out in the crowd but also build a real connection with their audience.

DIY or Invest in Professional Branding and Website Design for a Retail Store

I know that a retail store comes with a LOT of start-up costs, but in my opinion, branding and website design for a retail store is a non-negotiable. Unlike other industries with lower startup costs (where you can sometimes get away with DIY-ing it in the beginning), a retail store has more at stake and more things that you’ll want to put your logo on (like store signage, for one example!). You’ll also see throughout this blog that I designed water bottles, sweatshirts, stickers, and other merch for The Outdoor Project! We wanted to create something people would actually wear and feel like they were a part of their mission, and that would have been incredibly hard to DIY!

Do you have a vision and want help bringing it to life? Learn more about how we can work together, here. I would love to hear what you’re planning!

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