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The idea of branding can be overwhelming and complex. As a former elementary teacher and social worker, Ellie has learned how to break down branding concepts in a way that are digestible and easy to understand. Ellie has a unique way of pinpointing everything you do really freaking well, while simultaneously helping you figure out where your business could improve.

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As a recovering do-it-all-er, I get it. You wear that DIY hat like a badge of honor. When Ellie graduated from college, the word her professor used to describe her was “resourceful,” but just because you can do it all, doesn’t mean you should. Sometimes trying to do it all yourself can prevent you from taking your business to the next level and scaling.

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It is the mission of Ellie Brown Branding to empower YOU as a entrepreneur, to not only show up online professionally, but also to help you do so in a way that feels fun. Gone are the days of spending days and days on Canva just to slam your computer shut and wonder if business is even for you!



Diago S.

This is the most professional and organized experience I have had dealing with any type of designer. Before this I had 4 attempts at getting a logo that all failed. If you need real branding, I suggest you hit her up. 

Making homemade pizza in our backyard


La Croix,  coffee,  G&Ts , and red wine


Outlander, New Girl, 
The Office, and Ted Lasso

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Barre, spin biking, and HIIT style workouts


My husband, Ryan, and our shelter dog, Keena

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Harry Potter, Marketing Made Simple, and Big Magic



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