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Complete List of Doula Website Design and Branding Tips

Branding, Websites
June 30, 2024

Creating a standout website and brand identity is a game-changer for doulas looking to connect with potential clients. Given the deeply personal and intimate nature of their work, it’s important for doulas to establish a strong, trustworthy, and caring online presence. Today on the blog, I’m sharing some fabulous tips for doula website design and branding (coming at you from a brand and website designer that ALSO recently hired a Doula!). So I’m coming at this from a personal and professional angle today!

Thinking about launching a new website or giving your brand a makeover? I’d love to be considered! Just hit me up here, and let’s get to work!

brand and website designer talks about doula websites and branding tips

Define Your Brand Identity

First, let’s talk about establishing a brand identity. I know that when you start to think about your “branding”, this can feel like a kind of “fluffy” abstract concept, but give me a second to break down what I mean when I talk about it.

Mission and Values

First, you need to be able to explain your mission and values clearly. Especially in a more intimate industry, your branding really needs to attract clients who share your beliefs (and repel the ones that don’t!). For example, do you support women through unmedicated births? Do you believe that every birth is beautiful, regardless of the interventions or decisions made? Do you believe in a high-touch experience with a lot of communication throughout the pregnancy? Are you an agency that guarantees there will ALWAYS be someone available, but don’t guarantee a specific person? These values should be clear and reflected in your branding.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Next, figure out what makes you stand out from other doulas. Hopefully, the above questions give you some ideas, but it could also be something like your extensive experience, specific services, or a unique approach to care. Highlighting your USP not only sets you apart but also resonates with potential clients who are looking for exactly what you offer.

With the doula I hired, I actually loved the fact that she used to be an engineer. I liked the idea that she would mix some of the holistic practices into my hospital birth experience.

Visual Identity

Next, let’s talk about the visual identity (that’s where I come in!). While I do provide a brand strategy to my clients, the visual identity is often what they are most excited to see! My goal is always to create a cohesive visual identity that helps potential clients feel connected and reassured from the moment they visit your site. Remember, you may have people coming to you that have no idea what they are looking for, or what to expect. Cohesive branding will build trust and offer comfort to them (trust me – remember that I’ve hired a doula recently!).

When we work together, you can expect to receive:

  • Complete logo suite (including submarks)
  • Color palette
  • Font direction
  • Brand style guide

Want to see how this can all come together? Below is an example of a logo and submark that I designed for a doula in Kansas City. I also created her Doula website design (which ranks on the first page of Google now for Kansas City Doula!).

Doula Website Design Tips

Now that you know what you want your branding to say (and yes – please do that part first!), let’s move on to specific Doula website design tips.

User-Friendly Design

When I think about user-friendly design, there are so many things to consider but there are two things in particular that are seriously lacking among Doula websites: clear navigation and a mobile-friendly version. If you look at your website now (on desktop AND mobile), can someone find pricing in less than a minute? Will they know your city within 30 seconds of looking at your home page?

One of the reasons I love designing websites in Showit is that we can customize the mobile version separately so that your potential clients always see the most important information front and center. Plus, if you hire me for website design, I will show you how to easily customize it as the months or years go by (and you’re ready to raise your prices, swap out services, or even grow your team).

Strong Visuals

Because hiring a Doula is such a personal decision, people need to see YOU come through in the visuals of your website. One of my biggest Doula website design tips is to invest in strong brand photography. You don’t need a million pictures, but you’ll want a few (ideally with you looking at the camera so your potential clients can feel the start of a connection with you!). If you can, I would also recommend adding videos like client testimonials or informational clips about your services. Video makes it really easy to connect with people!

Optimize Your Website For Google (SEO)

Remember how I said the doula I worked with ranks for page one in her city? I want that for YOUR business too. When a pregnant woman is looking for a doula, chances are the first place she’s turning is Google (and yes, I’m speaking from personal experience here).

While there are some design things that can boost SEO, I want to talk about one of the most important things: keywords. If you want to be found on Google, you need to incorporate keywords that your ideal clients are actually using throughout your website (and chances are – they aren’t fancy!). By placing these keywords in your headings, subheadings, content, and image descriptions, you’ll help search engines understand your site and improve your visibility, attracting more visitors looking to hire for exactly what you do!

Doula Website Design and Branding Tips

I hope that these branding and website tips have been helpful! I really believe (and have seen first-hand) that a well-designed doula website, combined with strategic branding, will help you stand out in a competitive market, making it easier for potential clients to find and choose YOU for their support needs.

And hey, it’s totally okay if navigating the world of branding and website design feels a bit overwhelming. I’m here to help! Whether you’re looking to revamp your brand with a VIP day mini brand (perfect for a brand refresh!) or need assistance with a full-scale branding or website project, I’m ready to dive in. Take a look at my portfolio to see what I can do, or get in touch with me directly. Let’s create something amazing together!

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