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As a former teacher turned online-business owner, I not only know what it takes to run a successful business, but I also know how to break down seemingly complex business ideas into ways that are easy and actionable. Here you'll find my best brand and business tips mixed in with some of my favorite projects.

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Brand Design for Amanda Unzicker’s Interior Design Studio

May 31, 2023
Primary logo for chic interior design studio, The Interior Shoppe

I had the privilege of working with Amanda Unzicker to design the branding for her interior design company, The Interior Shoppe. Amanda is an incredibly talented designer based in St. Joseph, MO, and is known for a style that honors the history of homes while simultaneously curating spaces that show off the homeowner’s personal style.

Type of Business:

The Interior Shoppe is St. Joseph, MO, based full-service interior design studio as well as a flooring, tile, and wallpaper shop. 

Brand Adjectives:

  • Unique
  • Enduring
  • Chic
  • Luxurious
  • Authentic
  • Creative

Project Deliverables:

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Submark
  • Color Palette
  • Font Selection

Project Story:

Amanda and I actually went to high school together and connected over a decade later on Instagram. If I remember correctly we both were avid Start Today journalers which sparked many conversations related to entrepreneurship!

Initially, Amanda wanted to showcase one of her personal favorite pieces: her leopard Britton back chair. Here are the initial logo sketches for The Interior Shoppe.

Multiple initial sketch ideas for the primary logo of The Interior Shoppe

As Amanda’s branding project evolved, it became clear that the chair wasn’t quite right. There was another business in her town that utilized a very similar-looking chair and we wanted something that would be easily recognizable both large and small. When it comes to your business’s branding you always want to keep your ideal client in mind, but you always want to feel excited to create content with it. So we went back to the drawing board.

Digital sketch of a dresser that was ultimately not used in the final brand design.

I drew a few other pieces of furniture that we thought could be utilized until we finally landed on a vase.  The vase was a recognizable shape and with Amanda’s background in flooring, the mesh of materials inside looked unique and was scalable without losing the details.

Project Results:

Ultimately, Amanda decided to go with the brand design below! It is a completely custom design that is unique, enduring, chic, and luxurious. Since our time together, Amanda has been able to open a physical location near downtown St. Joseph, MO.

Brand board for The Interior Shoppe showcasing different logo variations.

What Amanda Said About Her Project…

Round, secondary logo design for The Interior Shoppe

What is your favorite part of your new logo and branding? 

“I love it all and it looks so cohesive!”

Alternative logo design for The Interior Shoppe

How do you think this updated look has impacted your business? 

“It helps make my business look more professional on all marketing platforms.”

Submark logo for The Interior Shoppe

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

“Yes, and working with YOU!”

Pull-quote that says, "I feel much more confident in my entire business because of Ellie Brown Branding."

Headshot of The Interior Shoppe founder, Amanda Unzicker

I am so thankful to have found Ellie. My “branding” was horrible. My fonts were everywhere. I had no direction without her direction for my brand. I now know what my brand and fonts look like. I can now bring the complete package to my graphics, my social media and every platform I use. I feel much more confident in my entire business because of Ellie Brown Branding.”

— Amanda, The Interior Shoppe Founder

Are you ready to stand out?

If you are currently where Amanda was, ready to add a level of professionalism and stand out in your market, I’ve got you! All of my brand design clients have the option to add on additional services such as website design or collateral design. My brand design process helps you show up confidently online and charge premium prices. Reach out today to get started.

Cover photo that says "brand design for a chic, full-service interior design studio"

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